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Mar 26, 2019

A cartel is a group of businesses whose goal is to increase their collective profits. They can take many forms but essentially are a result of an agreement or collusion among two or more competing commercial businesses designed to increase their profits by either:
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Last week it was announced by the European Commission that a new online platform was being set up to simplify whistleblowing on cartel cases. The new platform which is called eLeniency will be implemented during 2019 and 2020. The aim of the initiative is to make it easier for companies and their legal representatives to submit documentation, provide comments and blow the whistle on cartel cases. A benefit of the new system is that parties will be able to file statements and submissions online instead of having to attend the European Commission in person. It is believed that it will also provide a greater motivation for companies to step forward and blow the whistle on price-fixing as immunity could be granted or reduced fines as part of a settlement and an increased sense of secure privacy.
There has been an increased focus and drive on educating businesses and cracking down on cartels. In October 2018 the UK Competition and Markets Authority (“CMA”) announced that it was launching a campaign to ensure businesses were aware of illegal cartel activity, with the aim of educating businesses on practices that are considered illegal and encouraging whistle blowers to come forward. This was as a result of a study which indicated that businesses do not know enough about cartel activity and how to comply with competition law. The study showed that just over 55% of businesses were aware that price fixing was illegal. The campaign aims to ensure the correct information is available to those that wish to view it and is available in an easily to digest manner. The campaign will also be utilising social media to teach people about the consequences of illegal activity and the importance of blowing the whistle should they come across any illegal activity.
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